One week on, a bit of buzz…

It’s Day Seven now and the Campaign is on on 16,000 page-views, which is not too bad. Better yet, hey, we’re getting a bit of buzz going, from America to Zanzibar.

Here’s David McKenzie on the World Bank’s Development Impact Blog:

A new blog with a great name: The Campaign for Boring Development – “The real work of development is not glamorous. It’s not exciting. It doesn’t photograph very well”, ironically undermining its case somewhat with quite nice photos to make its points that we need to do more of things like building roads, planting hybrid seeds, and other ways to raise incomes.

And then there’s this, from Socialgence:

Boring Development, another great, snarky website: The Campaign for Boring Development is a glorious website dedicated to “fighting development bloat one post at a time.” Taking a page fromAfrica Is A Country, a website that jabs at the idea that Africa can be thought of as lumbering entity, Boring Development aims to ask the hard questions about development projects under the headline of a catchy name. It appears to have been started by Francisco Toro, a Venezuelan journalist, political scientist and blogger.

It’s fascinating to think about where the site is headed, as part of a larger journalistic endeavor as a website of record on development? Whatever Boring Development’s future is, it promises to be exciting to read.

So yes, this was definitely started by Venezuelan journalist, political scientist and blogger Francisco Toro, (a.k.a., me). I’ll try hard not to disappoint.

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