9 thoughts on “Banging the Drums for Development”

  1. The serious answer to that is advanced degrees are desired for their credentials not for the learning that takes place.

    1. Oh, yes, just stating reality… the sad reality of higher education in the modern world.

  2. I’ve got withdrawal symptoms on seeds. There is a corn problem in Kenya and when I was there recently no one could tell me if it was the seed or the soil or both. I am sure you can provide an update.

    But in answer to the above: because he is not a searcher or not enough of a searcher or is he. Your question is like Keynes or Friedman or Scott Sumners.

  3. Certainly “doesn’t look as good on a cv” is the obvious (and somewhat sad) answer. But it’s also not entirely sad – if you had to hire someone whose education in development was “listened to development drums religiously”, wouldn’t you want to have some assurance that (i) the person really did listen and (ii) the person extracted & internalized some knowledge from the podcast? You could give the person a test, I suppose, but if you had to interview hundreds of people… maybe you’d want to outsource the test-administration to a university?

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