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It’s one of the biggest things keeping Ugandan farmers poor. And nobody talks about it.

My piece on seed counterfeiting is out in The Guardian today. Have a look,

Of the many factors that keep small-scale Ugandan farmers poor, seed counterfeiting may be the least understood. Passing under the radar of the international development sector, a whole illegal industry has developed in Uganda, cheating farmers by selling them seeds that promise high yields but fail to germinate at all – with results that can be disastrous.

Counterfeiting gangs have learned to dye regular maize with the characteristic pinkish orange colour of industrially processed maize seed, duping farmers into paying good money for seed that just won’t grow. The result is a crisis of confidence in commercially available high-yield seed.

Day One

It’s been quite first day for Campaign for Boring Development, aided in no small part by the AP’s Joshua Goodman, who wrote a very flattering story about my departure from my old blog.

One of Venezuela’s most-prominent opposition bloggers, whose English-language musings are a must-read for foreign journalists, academics and political junkies, is leaving his beat as a chronicler of the country’s socialist revolution.


I’m amazed that CfBD reached 1,400 page-views in its first 12 hours: it took Caracas Chronicles three years to reach that level! Then again, we didn’t have Twitter and Facebook back in 2002. Boy have things changed.