He’s Too Good

The deeper I get into it, the more I get why Chris Blattman is the closest thing the Development Blogosphere has to an Andrew Sullivan figure – a proper Alpha Blogger.

Start with this video – I can’t embed it because, perversely, Yale didn’t upload it to YouTube – and start watching from 3:40. The 17 minutes that follow are…more or less everything that I felt need saying, but could never say nearly as eloquently.

I give up. He’s too good.

[Hat tip: Ken Opalo.]

3 thoughts on “He’s Too Good”

  1. Is that two kinetic footballs drawn on his blackboard. I take it from the comments in the post that he doesn’t like them. Youtube is blocked at this place so I just have to try and imagine what he is saying: “These kinetic footballs are going to be better in the v2 version but they will still be way too expensive for the folks in Kisumu”.

    Maybe it is a Venn diagram.

    Difficult to work out when you can’t get on youtube.

    Yesterday, big meeting at the hall. What is it all about, I asked. Some donor, was the answer from my spy on the developers who come to the community. What are they donating. Don’t know but everybody was just called to a meeting at 9.30am. Seems there needs to be an improvement in pr.

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